April 2021, Digital Competences for educators


Hi, I'm Melanie and I work as a teacher and consultant for media education.


Digital Competences are more and more important for educators and all people who work in the educational field. So let's start a journey and see how we can improve the digital competences and make learning more exciting and intereresting with new methods of teaching.


I work with kids, students, parents and teachers. In my courses I help the participants to improve their media competences.

As most of my teachings take place online at the moment I found out that the digital competences are very important for all of us.


For me digital competence is not just the knowledge how to use an online platform more important is the knowledge how to create interesting and interactive courses. All of us know how tiring and exhausting online courses and conferences can be. Especially when they last more than two hours. Online Courses have to be arranged in a way that the motivation and concentration will stay sustainable.